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Jordan is based in Seattle, Washington, where she enjoys exploring the natural beauty the PNW has to offer as well as cheering on the Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, and Kraken. She runs on coffee and classic movies, taking pride in having seen every film on AFI's 100 Greatest Films list and every Best Picture Oscar winner. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Media Studies.

Industry Focus

Jordan Williams is the Streaming Movies/TV Editor for Screen Rant, formerly the site's Theatrical Movies Editor. In addition to leading covering on new streaming shows and movies, Jordan often writes about the horror genre, the Game of Thrones franchise, '90s and '00s sitcoms, box office analysis, and the Oscars. She has been with the site since 2021, having occasionally published TV reviews, exclusive data analyses on new releases, and interviews with actors, directors, and Disney "imagineers."

Favorite Media

Jordan's top four movies on Letterboxd are It's a Wonderful Life, The Royal Tenenbaums, Interstellar, and When Harry Met Sally, but some close runners-up include Beetlejuice, Inglourious Basterds, and Roman Holiday. Her favorite TV shows include Game of Thrones (yes, even season 8), Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Office, Friends, and Schitt's Creek. She’s currently working through watching the entire list of the Oscars’ Best Picture nominees, though this task is often interrupted by rewatches of When Harry Met Sally.

Latest Articles

Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief movie and Walker Scobell as Percy in the Disney show 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
Percy Jackson Episode 4’s New Monster Proves 1 Divisive Movie Replacement Wrong, 14 Years Later

Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 4's new villains confirm that the 2010 movie divisively changing a crucial scene was unnecessary.

Three stills of Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice combined 1
Beetlejuice 3 Can't Be Avoided Now Due To 36-Year-Old Franchise Rule (Even If Tim Burton Doesn’t Want It)

Beetlejuice 2 finally arriving in 2024 paves the way for the franchise to pay off a trilogy set-up from the original movie with Beetlejuice 3.

Percy Grover and Annabeth on a Train in Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
How Many Episodes Percy Jackson Season 1 Has Left & When The Finale Is

Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1 has already debuted its first four episodes on Disney+, with several more outings to go before the finale.

Echidna and Percy in Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 4 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
Percy Jackson Episode 4’s Villain Makes A 19-Year-Old Book Mystery Even More Frustrating

Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1, episode 4's ending leaves one Lightning Thief villain mystery still unanswered after 19 years.

That 90s Show Leia Kitty Red Jay Gwen Nate 1
That 90s Show (2023)
That '90s Show Season 2: Cast, Plot & Everything We Know

That '90s Show season 1's ending sets up future storylines and character returns. Here's everything we know about That '90s Show season 2 on Netflix.

Apple TV+ movies - Fingernails, Killers of the Flower Moon, CODA, Still, Swan Song, Napoleon 1
25 Best Movies On Apple TV+ Right Now (January 2024)

The best movies on Apple TV+ range from documentaries about celebrated performers to musical comedies to even a Best Picture Academy Award winner.

Drew Barrymore Famous Barrymores Lionel John 1
Every Famous Barrymore Family Member (Including Drew)

The Barrymore family has been a mainstay of acting in Hollywood since the beginning of filmdom, with several famous members including Drew Barrymore.

Christina Ricci, Jenna Ortega, Luis Guzman, and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Wednesday season 1 1
Wednesday (2022)
Wednesday Season 2: Cast, Plot & Everything We Know

Following the climactic season 1 finale of Tim Burton's Wednesday, here's everything we know about season 2 of Netflix's Addams Family show.

Jade, Boyd, and the lighthouse in From's season 2 finale 1
From Season 2 Finale Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Tabitha

From season 2, episode 10 deepens the town's mysteries as characters embark on dangerous paths, ending with a huge twist for Tabitha & the lighthouse.

Movies and show arriving on Max in January 2024 1
New On HBO Max: All 129 Movies & TV Shows Arriving In January

With Max bringing in more movies and TV shows every month, there are plenty of originals and classics coming for subscribers in January 2024.

Luke with the winged shoes and Hermes in his mailman uniform in Percy Jackson episode 3 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
What “Maia” Means: Why It Makes Luke’s Shoes Grow Wings In Percy Jackson Episode 3

Saying "Maia" makes Luke Castellan's red shoes grow wings in Percy Jackson & the Olympians episode 3, with the command connecting back to Hermes.

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Medusa with her eyes and snake hair in Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 3 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
Percy Jackson & The Olympians' Medusa Actress Creates Stealth Reunion For Underrated 9-Year-Old Pirate Show

Jessica Parker Kennedy playing Medusa in Percy Jackson & the Olympians episode 3 serves as a subtle reunion for a pirate series from 2014.

Poster for Rebel Moon with characters like Kora, Gunnar, Tutus, and Nemesis 1
Netflix's New Action Movie Makes Game Of Thrones’ Most Jarring Recast More Bizarre, 9 Years Later

Netflix's new sci-fi action movie features two former Game of Thrones actors in its cast, which is a reminder of a famous recasting on the HBO show.

A blended image features a teen Lottie with the antlers above her surrounded by adult survivors in Yellowjackets 1
Yellowjackets (2021)
Yellowjackets: Who Gets Eaten By The Other Girls?

Yellowjackets episode 1's flash-forward depicted the girls eating one of their teammates, with only a few characters fitting the victim's description.

The Lightning Thief book cover with Percy and Hermes in Disney's Percy Jackson show 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
Lin-Manuel Miranda's First Percy Jackson Scene Makes Hermes' Book Story Even Better (But Complicates The Villain Twist)

Percy Jackson season 1, episode 3 concludes with the first appearance of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hermes, which has big implications for his character.

The White Lotus Season 2 Ending Tanya Harper Daphne 1
The White Lotus (2021)
The White Lotus Season 2 Ending Explained (In Detail)

The White Lotus' season 2 ending finally reveals the dead bodies from the premiere, with each guest facing troubling consequences from their trips.

A blended image features Willy Wonka and Charlie in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. 1
Willy Wonka Is A Serial Killer Theory Explained

Willy Wonka's eccentric nature and indifferent attitudes to the children have led to a popular theory that Wonka is actually a child serial killer.

Michael Keaton posing in Beetlejuice 1
Tim Burton Confirms 1 Way Beetlejuice 2 Will Be Very Different From The Original Movie

Tim Burton's line of questioning that inspired him to return for Beetlejuice 2 implies a major way the sequel will be different from the original.

Percy Jackson (Walker Scobell) and Poseidon (Toby Stephens) in front of Poseidon's cabin and trident at Camp Half-Blood 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
Hidden Percy Jackson Detail Confirms Season 2 Will Make Poseidon’s Biggest Lie Worse

An early Easter egg in Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 1 sets up a future character who will make the actions of Poseidon worse.

Charlie Bushnell as Luke in Percy Jackson 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
How Luke Got That Scar On His Face In Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Charlie Bushnell's Luke Castellan has a scar on his face that is unexplained in Percy Jackson's first two episodes, but the books reveal its origins.

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