Miles Morales Spider-Man Batman 1
Spider-Man: Miles Morales' List of Mentors Puts Batman's Training to Shame

Miles Morales has a surprising connection to Batman's origins that gives this Spider-Man an edge when it comes to receiving mentorship.

Spider-Man MCU Villains 1
Spider-Man Proves a Forgotten MCU Team are Marvel's Most Pathetic Villains

These MCU villains was always thought of as a joke, but their appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man's Gang War story shows what pushovers they are.

Spider-Man Back in Black Symbiote suit 1
Spider-Man Cosplay Recreates His Ultra-Dark BACK IN BLACK Comic Era in Real Life

Swinging onto the scene is a dedicated Spider-Man aficionado who embodies Peter Parker's Back in Black era with comic-book accuracy.

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Spider-Verse's Most Disturbing 'Hero' Is Reborn in Nightmare Fuel Miles Morales Redesign

Spiders-Man - the Spider-Verse antihero literally made of spiders - gets an even grosser transformation thanks to Miles Morales.

PlayStation PS4 PS5 Marvel's Spider-Man punches Tombstone 1
Marvel's Spider-Man Boss is Ready to Live Up to His Video Game Potential

Tombstone, most notable now for his Boss Battles in the PlayStation Marvel's Spider-Man franchise, is bound to get his own comic redemption arc.

Amazing Spider-Man In space wearing Star Fleet Badge 1
After 39 Years, Marvel Finally Recognizes Spider-Man as a Cosmic Hero

Despite his reputation as a street-level superhero, Spider-Man has been to space tons of times. Now he's finally getting recognized as a cosmic hero.

Spider-Man Cosplay Brings an Iconic, Deadly Canon Event to Life

Expert cosplayer Caleb Weeks makes Spider-Man look incredible in this inspirational photoshoot, reminding fans of an iconic canon moment.

Featured Image: Comic book Spider-Man lifting mask and crying (let); Toby MaGuire film Spidey crying (right) 1
Marvel Confirms Spider-Man Has It Rough Across the Entire Multiverse

An omnipotent, all-seeing being confirms what Peter Parker had already suspected, and hoped wasn't true...but the Ultimate Universe could fix.

spider-man fights shang-chi over the new york skyline gang war 1
Spider-Man vs Shang-Chi Settles Marvel's Most Hated Hero

New York City is burning, and its biggest fight hasn't even begun: Spider-Man has to take on Shang-Chi while both heroes are at their lowest points.

Superior Spider-Man #2 Cover Banner 1
"I Remember It All, Spider-Man": Spider-Man's Deadliest Enemy Officially Knows His Secret Identity

Doctor Octopus has unlocked his Superior Spider-Man memories, including Spider-Man’s secret identity! What’s the worst that could happen?

Miles Morales in Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse and the MCU Sinister Six 1
Marvel is Laying the Seeds for Miles Morales to Get His Own Sinister Six

Miles Morales might finally get his own version of the Sinister Six as the young Spider-Man proves he's too tough for just one villain to take down.

Featured Image: Spider-Man and Mary Jane webslinging (left); Peter and Mary Jane getting married over NYC skyline (right) 1
"I'll Never Say Never": Marvel Offers Hope That Spider-Man's Most Hated Story Can Still Be Reversed

Long-time Spider-Man fans cling to any shred of hope they can get that Marvel will reverse the events of "One More Day," the controversial 2007 arc.

spider-man new green goblin 1
Spider-Man Lore Changes Forever as Marvel Spills the Secrets of the FIRST Goblin (Before Norman Osborn)

After 26 years, Spider-Man's Proto-Goblin finally returns, spilling the secrets behind Norman Osborn's fateful origin as the Green Goblin.

Featured Image: Comic book Spider-Man lifting mask and crying (let); Toby MaGuire film Spidey crying (right) 1
Spider-Man Has Never Led His Own Super-Team for One Big Reason

Spider-Man has been a trusted member of many Marvel superteams, but the "Gang War" crossover event is showing that he lacks leadership qualities.

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After 61 Years, It's Time for Marvel to Kill Spider-Man's Most Toxic Trait

Spider-Man has had this same problem for 61 years, but this time, he can't blame Peter Parker.

Featured Image: Batman (left) and Spider-Man (right) swinging into action together, against the backdrop of a full moon and purple sky 1
"Let's Not Be the Friendly Neighborhood Batman": Batman's Crime-Fighting Methods Make Him Spider-Man's Perfect Opposite

One of the biggest things that separates Batman from other heroes is his aversion to the spotlight, which makes him the direct opposite of Spider-Man.

Featured Image: Peter Parker (left) and Miles Morales (right) 1
Marvel Heroes Prefer Miles Morales' Spider-Man to Peter Parker's

Two people are Spider-Man in the state of New York, but only one has the New York stamp of approval.

12 Best Supervillain Origin Stories in Spider-Man History

From Doc Ock to Kraven the Hunter, these iconic Spider-Man adversaries have origin stories that are impossible to not get engrossed in.

Image of fingers pointing at Spider-Man 1
Marvel's Copyright Battle for Spider-Man Is Over, & It's the Result Fans Wanted

The estate of Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-Man, has settled its copyright dispute against Marvel in a satisfactory fashion.

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Google Names a Major MCU Character "The Most Searched Superhero" of Last 25 Years

Google just announced some of its most searched terms of the last 25 years, and a major Marvel figure is the world's most searched superhero.

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