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About Joe Anthony Myrick

Joe Anthony Myrick (or JAM) is a comics writer who specializes in, of course, covering the big figureheads of the industry (Marvel and DC), as well as lesser-known indy parties and some personal favorites like BOOM! Studios. 

Industry Focus

JAM is a member of the comics team.

Favorite Media

JAM covers all facets and quirks of the comic industry, but especially is a fan of BOOM! Studios' Buffy and Power Rangers series. Also, he indulges in the horror genre, currently reading The Neighbors. 

Latest Articles

Miles Morales Spider-Man Batman 1
Spider-Man: Miles Morales' List of Mentors Puts Batman's Training to Shame

Miles Morales has a surprising connection to Batman's origins that gives this Spider-Man an edge when it comes to receiving mentorship.

Featured Image: Dark Knight Return's Batman vs Superman.  1
10 Most Brutal 1 vs 1 Fights in Justice League History

DC's premiere superheroes, the members of the Justice League, are no strangers to brutal 1-vs-1 fights; here are ten absolutely intense examples.

Justice League Drag Show Featured 1
DC's Official Justice League Drag Show Reveals the True Cultural Power of Comics

DC's commentary on drag shows told through the veil of the Justice League demonstrates just how powerful comics can be in this day and age.

Featured Image: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Zack (live-action) in front of the Omega Rangers (comic) 1
Expanding Power Rangers History Before the Classic 1990s Team Sets the Franchise Up To Thrive Long Term

The original Mighty Morphin team was long considered the first Power Rangers squad, but the expanding lore of the comic books has revealed otherwise.

Still from Batman the Animated Series with Gotham Rogues playing poker. 1
Gotham's Best Friendship: 2 Misunderstood Batman Rogues Make the Perfect Team Up

Gotham villains are not normally portrayed as being best friends, but these two supervillains have a kinship revealed in one touching scene.

Featured Image: Halloween poster (left) Michael Myers from Halloween Kills (right) 1
This Character Survived 1981's Halloween II (But Not For Long)

One of the weakest deaths of the Halloween franchise was redeemed when Michael Myers returned to deliver a far more definitive kill to [SPOILER].

Comic book art: Wonder Woman points a sword at the viewer. 1
Wonder Woman vs. [SPOILER] Is DC's Most Thrilling Justice League Fight in Years

In what just might be the best comic book fight scene of 2023, Wonder Woman's toughest fight arrives in the form of one Justice League icon.

The Green Power Ranger with his dagger in Mighty Morphin's 30th Anniversary Special Comic Art 1
Power Rangers: The Original Choice for Green Ranger Confirms Who Should've Been the Team's Leader

Boom! Studios franchise-defining Power Rangers ongoing revealed Rita Repulsa's first choice for Green Ranger wasn't Tommy Oliver - it was [SPOILER]

Lord Zedd as a Power Ranger 1
11 Ways The POWER RANGERS Comics Have Redefined Franchise Lore

BOOM! Studios continues to build upon the history of the Power Rangers franchise by expanding to its vast lore in new and exciting ways.

Featured Image: Characters from the graphic novel continuation of Netflix's Fate: The Winx Saga 1
First Look at Netflix Sequel FATE: THE WINX SAGA Vol. 1 (Exclusive)

Despite its enthusiastic fan-base, Netflix's Fate: The Winx Saga was cancelled after two seasons; now, the series returns in graphic novel form.

daredevil black armor throws billy club 1
Daredevil's Extreme 90s Armor Has a Secret Power That Protects His Identity

Daredevil's classic 90s black armor is back, and has just been revealed to have a secret power that any superhero would kill to possess.

Halloween II Michael Myers Halloween Ends 1
This Forgotten Halloween Comic Gave Michael Myers The Costume He Almost Wore in the Movies

Halloween horror Michael Myers' mask is a spinoff of William Shatner, but what if the Halloween franchise opted for a different mask for The Shape?

The Power Rangers dream team 1
Meet The Solar Rangers - Who Are Power Rangers' Ultimate Super-Team?

The Solar Rangers represent the ultimate Power Rangers dream team, showcasing the promise that the franchise's multiverse has only begun to unlock.

Featured Image: Wonder Woman and Amazons, arrayed for battle (DC Comics) 1
"It's an Ancient Thing": DC's Ragnarok Begins Thanks to Wonder Woman and the Amazons

Wonder Woman and her legion of Amazons just inadvertently caused a DC apocalypse, on par with that of the Norse Ragnarok, as featured in the Marvel U.

Featured Image: Marvel Comics Wolverine In Krakoa Pit 1
Wolverine Calls Out How Krakoa Destroys Professor X's Original Mission

As the Fall of X nears, and mutantkind's Krakoan era ends, Wolverine contemplates how it all went wrong, starting with Professor Charles Xavier.

Utgard-Thor, Toranos, wielding a massive version of Mjolnir 1
10 Marvel Villains Introduced in 2023 That Could Be Major Threats In the Future

This year introduced a host of dangerous new villains to the Marvel Universe; here's a look at who could be the biggest threats of the next year.

PlayStation PS4 PS5 Marvel's Spider-Man punches Tombstone 1
Marvel's Spider-Man Boss is Ready to Live Up to His Video Game Potential

Tombstone, most notable now for his Boss Battles in the PlayStation Marvel's Spider-Man franchise, is bound to get his own comic redemption arc.

Amazing Spider-Man In space wearing Star Fleet Badge 1
After 39 Years, Marvel Finally Recognizes Spider-Man as a Cosmic Hero

Despite his reputation as a street-level superhero, Spider-Man has been to space tons of times. Now he's finally getting recognized as a cosmic hero.

Featured Image: Batman's Robins in the DC Universe 1
Don't Tell Batman: Each Robin Keeps a Major Secret - & It's Hilarious

It is a Christmastime tradition for every Robin, former and current, to face-off against one expected villain...and not tell the others.

Featured Image: Robert Downey Jr. version of Sherlock Holmes (left) and Batman (right) 1
"My Memory Palace": Batman's Impressive Mental Feat Has the Perfect Sherlock Holmes Parallel

The world's two greatest detectives have one thing in common: Batman and Sherlock Holmes has a "mind palace," while Bruce Wayne has a mental Batcave.

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