Marvel's Echo (TV Series)

Alaqua Cox returns as the anti-hero Maya Lopez in Marvel's Echo, one of the street-level MCU's Disney+ series that take place during the Multiverse Saga. After her confrontation with Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in Phase 4's Hawkeye, the titular Echo returns to her hometown and reconnects with her Native American heritage.

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Marvel's Echo

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Netflix's Daredevil Show With The MCU Canon Exclusive News Image 1
Netflix's Daredevil Show MCU Canon & Timeline Question Finally Addressed By Marvel Producer

Exclusive: Marvel Studios producer clarifies how Netflix's Daredevil TV show factors into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe canon timeline in Echo.

Alaqua Cox as Maya and Charlie Cox as Daredevil beat up in Echo Exclusive header 1
Echo & Daredevil's Epic First Fight Explained By Director: "She Leaves It As A Cold-Blooded Killer"

Exclusive: Director Sydney Freeland explains Echo and Daredevil's epic first fight in the MCU show and how it compares to the Netflix show.

Edited image of Vincent D’Onofrio during his Echo Interview 1
Echo Interview: Vincent D’Onofrio On Wilson Fisk's Place In The MCU & Relationship With Maya Lopez

Vincent D’Onofrio discussed Wilson's place in the MCU, his relationship with Maya Lopez, and why he works better in a more mature show like Echo.

Alaqua Cox as Maya looking solemn and Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin looking pleadingly in Echo Exclusive header 1
Maya's Struggles With Breaking From Kingpin's Influence Detailed By Echo Star: "It's An Interesting Dynamic"

Exclusive: Echo star Alaqua Cox details Maya's struggles to break free from Kingpin's influence and the biggest lesson he instilled in her.

Matt Murdock's Daredevil fighting in Echo trailer 1
Daredevil Fans Are Torn Over Newly Revealed Fight Scene From The MCU's Next TV Show

Charlie Cox's Daredevil is back for another MCU adventure; however, fans are divided over a new clip of Daredevil fighting in Marvel's next series.

The Marvel Studios logo with a Netflix Daredevil official poster where his suit is going up like flames to reveal the dark makeshift costume beneath it 1
Newest MCU Trailer Reveals Marvel Really Is Delivering A Follow-Up To Its Most Beloved Show 6 Years Later

The latest action-packed trailer for an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show cements its connection to Marvel's most beloved series.

Alaqua Cox as Maya and Charlie Cox as Daredevil fighting in Echo 1
Marvel's Echo Trailer Reveals Early Premiere Date, Bloody Violence & War Between Maya And Kingpin

A new trailer for Marvel's Echo arrives revealing an earlier premiere date and hyping its bloody violence and war between Maya and Kingpin.

Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock aka Daredevil in She-Hulk character poster with Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in Echo promo image 1
Daredevil: Born Again (2024)
The MCU's First 2024 Release Reviews Are Massive For Daredevil's Return

Early rave reviews for Marvel Studios' upcoming spinoff series spell good news for Phase 5's Charlie Cox-led Daredevil: Born Again on Disney+.

Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin and Charlie Cox as Daredevil 1
Marvel's Bloodiest Show Is Exactly What Daredevil's MCU Return Deserves To Be

Daredevil will appear in the upcoming Marvel streaming series Echo, and the show's trailer demonstrates that its perfect for Matt Murdock's return.

Echo looks down at a grave in the Echo trialer 1
Marvel’s Next Show Breaks 4 Major Firsts For The MCU

New series Echo breaks major ground with its four major firsts for Marvel Studios, among them its diversity and representation and its release model.

Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin with Echo in MCU 1
Wait, How Is Kingpin Alive In Marvel's Echo Show?

After Hawkeye, where he's shot at point-blank range, Kingpin was assumed dead, so how can he come back for the upcoming Disney+ Marvel show Echo?

Alaqua Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio In Echo 1
Marvel's Echo Trailer Reveals First Look At The MCU's Bloodiest Release Yet

Following her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Hawkeye, Marvel Studios has released the first Echo show trailer for Alaqua Cox's series on Disney+.

MCU Daredevil Ironheart 1
Marvel Cinematic Universe
MCU Phase 5 Release Dates, Characters & Synopsises For Marvel’s Next 6 Shows Reportedly Revealed

A recent spate of reports about copyright registrations appear to reveal release dates, characters, and synopses for the next MCU Phase 5 shows.

Maya Lopez talking in sign language in Hawkeye. 1
Echo: Cast, Story Details, & Everything We Know

Disney Plus has started development on Echo, an MCU spin-off of the Hawkeye series, featuring Native American martial artist Maya Lopez.

Wilson Fisk as Kingpin between Daredevil in the MCU and a blurred image of Echo 1
Official Kingpin Reveal Confirms The 1 Show You Have To Watch Before Daredevil's MCU Return

A reveal surrounding the MCU’s version of Kingpin/Wilson Fisk confirms one show that needs to be watched before Daredevil’s Phase 5 return.

Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin in Hawkeye and Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in WandaVision 1
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Why So Many Marvel Shows Being Delayed Means Bad Things For MCU Fans

In its latest wave of schedule reshuffling in the Multiverse Saga, Marvel Studios delays several Disney+ shows, which is terrible news for many fans.

MCU Phase 5 Delays 1
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marvel Delays 7 MCU Shows Coming After Loki, Rearranges Phase 5 Schedule

Marvel Studios is shifting around its Disney+ release dates for 7 MCU shows, including Echo, What If...? season 2 and Agatha: Darkhold Diaries.

Daredevil and Ant-Man 1
Marvel Spoils 2 New Phase 5 Superhero Costumes Months Before Their 2023 Debuts

The Marvel Cinematic Universe still has several upcoming 2023 projects, and merchandise just spoiled two previously unrevealed MCU costumes.

Image of the Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd Generation) and Echo Show 5 Kids Edition 1
You Can Get Amazon's Echo Show 5 For Under $50 Right Now

Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd Generation) and the Echo Show 5 Kids Edition are available for a 50 percent discount right now. Check out the deal here.

Nick Fury shocked in Secret Invasion with Maya Lopez in Hawkeye and Echo 1
Secret Invasion (2023)
Secret Invasion's Embarrassing RT Score Is A Big Problem For An Upcoming MCU TV Show

Secret Invasion's Rotten Tomatoes score tells a sorry tale for Marvel's recent series, which could spell bad news for an impending Phase 5 show.

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