Power Rangers

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Power Rangers

Created by
Haim Saban , Shuki Levy
First TV Show
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Video Game(s)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle


The Power Rangers dream team 1
Meet The Solar Rangers - Who Are Power Rangers' Ultimate Super-Team?

The Solar Rangers represent the ultimate Power Rangers dream team, showcasing the promise that the franchise's multiverse has only begun to unlock.

A custom image featuring the Red Rangers from Forever Red and the Dino Thunder Black Ranger 1
All 20 Power Rangers Crossover Episodes, Ranked Worst To Best

From the annual team-ups to anniversary specials like “Forever Red” and “Dimensions in Danger,” Power Rangers’ crossover episodes are always fun.

A custom image featuring Jason in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Dino Charge Blue, the Mighty Morphin Red, and the Dino Charge Red Rangers 1
Power Rangers Finally Explains How Ranger Colors Are Chosen 30 Years After Mighty Morphin

Power Rangers’ new series confirms how Red Rangers are chosen, finally offering an in-universe explanation for how each Power Ranger color is picked.

A custom image featuring the SPD Red Ranger, the Lost Galaxy Rangers without their helmets, and the Lost Galaxy Red Ranger in Power Rangers 1
10 Best Sci-Fi Power Rangers Seasons, Ranked

From androids to time travel, some of the best Power Rangers seasons are the ones in the sci-fi genre, including the likes of Lost Galaxy and SPD.

A custom image featuring the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger and the 2017 Power Rangers 1
Power Rangers’ 2017 Reboot Holds A Green Ranger Record That Will Likely Never Be Broken

The 2017 Power Rangers reboot did something no other theatrical Power Rangers movie did when it comes to the classic Mighty Morphin Green Ranger.

Power Rangers feature Ranger Academy #4 1
Ranger Academy Preview Reveals the Test Every Ranger Must Pass

Sage and her fellow Ranger Academy cadets must face some tough trials in their latest lessons on the step to becoming full Power Rangers.

A custom image featuring Navy Blue Ranger Blake, Dino Thunder White Ranger Trent, and Mighty Morphin Green Ranger Tommy 1
10 Most OP Power Rangers That The Show Had To Nerf

Some of the strongest Power Rangers of all time had to be nerfed after their introduction, starting with the original Mighty Morphin Green Ranger.

A custom image featuring Jason David Frank as the Green Ranger Tommy Oliver and Amy Jo Johnson as the Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart 1
One Impressive Power Rangers Stat Proves How Iconic The Original Green & Pink Rangers Were

Amy Jo Johnson and the late Jason David Frank played two of the most iconic Power Rangers, and one stat shows how important they were to the saga.

yellow ranger mighty morphin power rangers 1
Power Rangers Debuts New Dark Ranger Army, as the Franchise's DARKEST HOUR Arrives

As the year-long Power Rangers "Darkest Hour" storyline event kicks into full gear, the villainous Dark Specter has made his deadliest moves yet.

The core Power Rangers SPD Rangers, the Lightspeed Yellow Ranger, and the core RPM Rangers 1
10 “Mature” Power Rangers Seasons That Adults Will Enjoy

While there isn’t such thing as a gritty Power Rangers show, some of the saga’s most mature seasons can be enjoyed by adults regardless of nostalgia.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury's Red Ranger Amelia, 2017's Power Rangers Red Ranger Jason, and the King-Ohger Rangers 1
What Will The Power Rangers Reboot Look Like? 6 Mighty Theories About The Franchise’s Future

With Cosmic Fury wrapping up 30 years of Power Rangers stories, the next Power Rangers season has the chance to reinvent the franchise.

power rangers the return red ranger 1
Power Rangers Kickstarter Passes $500,000 Mark After Hitting Original Goal in Just 45 Minutes

The Kickstarter for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Return has reached over ten times its original goal - which fans met in 45 minutes.

Lord Drakkon in the Power Rangers comics and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the 2017 movie 1
Power Rangers’ Reboot Show Was Set Up 5 Years Ago (Thanks To Lord Drakkon)

A Lord Drakkon story from 5 years ago shows how the next Power Rangers series can reboot the show without disregarding everything that came before.

whatdidzordon_looklike_beforepowerrangers 1
What Zordon Really Looked Like Before Power Rangers

Zordon is remembered for being a floating blue head in the Power Rangers show. However, his human form has made appearances throughout the series.

Original Red Power Ranger Loses His Powers in Jaw-Dropping First Look at Amy Jo Johnson's New Series

The original Red Ranger is set to lose his powers in shocking fashion according to a preview of the new series coming from the original Pink Ranger.

Lord Drakkon in a promotional Shattered Grid video and Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott in Power Rangers (2017) 1
Power Rangers' Upcoming Reboot Is The Final Chance To Bring The Franchise's Strongest Villain To Live-Action

A Power Rangers reboot series has been in the works for a while, and the live-action show has the opportunity to introduce one strong villain.

Pink Yellow and Red Rangers in Power Rangers 1
All 15 Power Rangers Who Died In Canon

Several Power Rangers characters have died in battle across the show’s 30 seasons, although some of them would be eventually brought back to life.

A custom image featuring Power Rangers Ninja Storm's Crimson Ranger, Lightspeed Rescue's Titanium Ranger, and Mighty Morphin's Green Ranger 1
Power Rangers’ Darkest Origin Story Made For The Coolest Evil Ranger

Power Rangers saw multiple evil Rangers across 30 seasons, but one of them had the darkest, most tragic origin story for a character in the franchise.

New Green Ranger 1
Power Rangers Debuts the Daughter of Original Green & Pink Rangers: Meet Olivia Hart

The Green Power Ranger returns in the form of Tommy and Kimberly's daughter, Olivia Hart, in a new story by original Pink Ranger actor Amy Jo Johnson.

A custom image featuring Power Rangers SPD's Jack Landors, Power Rangers Lighspeed Rescue's Carter Grayson, and Power Rangers Time Force's Jen Scotts 1
10 Best Power Rangers Leaders, Ranked

From Jason in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Amelia in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, some of Power Rangers’ team leaders were much better than others.

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