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Author Details

Robert Wood is a writer and editor based out of Cheshire, England. He received his Master's in English Literature from Lancaster University, and previously worked helping self-published authors edit, publish, and market their work. He is the author of 'The False Elephant: and 99 Other Unreasonably Short Stories' - 100 stories, each told in exactly 100 words.

Industry Focus

Rob is a fan of great comics, from Hulk, Nightwing, and X-Men to Saga, The Walking Dead and Why Don't You Love Me? His favorite type of coverage is telling you things you never knew about your favorite superheroes and series, championing art for its own sake, and uncovering hidden gems for fans to race out and read.

Favorite Media

Rob is dedicated to the connected worlds of Marvel and DC comics, with an abiding soft spot for superhero stories. Comics also turned him into a horror fan, and his experience helping self-published authors edit, publish, and market their work makes him a constant champion of indie projects, always willing to try something new in hopes of finding a new favorite.

Latest Articles

avengers mcu pose but including ben affleck's batman 1
Avengers' Iconic MCU Moment Recreated with the Justice League in Genius Fanart

In genius art, the Justice League take over the Avengers' iconic MCU pose, offering a glimpse into a world where DC got to the movies first.

x-men's colossus and wolverine attacking 1
X-Men Officially Gives Colossus Credit For Permanently Upgrading Its Mutant Powers

After years suffering his personal hell, X-Men finally gives Colossus credit for expanding the limits of mutant powers to include godlike feats.

"The Ways of The Stonepower": Yoda's Master Had a Force Weapon Deadlier Than a Lightsaber

When Luke Skywalker fought Yoda's former master, even his lightsaber couldn't match the deadly Stonepower knives - a weapon the Jedi can't control.

"You Can't Beat Him": Captain America Finally Discovers the Official Limits of His Powers

As Captain America takes on a new kind of villain, he's finally found a threat he can't beat. Now, Steve Rogers must evolve like never before.

black panther ghost rider ghost panther 1
Ghost Panther Unleashed - Marvel's Ghost Rider/Black Panther Fusion Returns in MCU-Worthy Redesign

Marvel's Ghost Panther - a canon fusion of the Black Panther and Ghost Rider - is unleashed in new fanart that's worthy of the MCU.

star wars' darth vader in front of admiral akbar 1
"It's a Trap": Darth Vader Replies to Admiral Ackbar's Iconic Quote with 3 Epic Words

As Darth Vader begins creating the Empire's deadliest soldiers of all time, he wanders into a trap - refuting Admiral Akbar's famous warning.

gary larson far side cow and cavemen 1
15 Funniest Far Side Comics That Perfectly Capture Gary Larson's Sense of Humor

The Far Side's Gary Larson has a truly unique sense of humor - with each of these 15 comics embodying one of his funniest obsessions.

original x-men with an alarming red motif cyclops jean grey iceman angel beast 1
The 5 Original X-Men End 2023 Changed Forever - Three Dead, One Corrupted, One Depowered

2023 was a dark year for every member of the X-Men, but the five founding heroes suffered worse than anyone else - from death to R-rated torture.

Omni-Man's Original Codename Was a Huge Clue to Invincible's Big Twist (But Also a Legal Nightmare)

Invincible's creators have revealed that Omni-Man and Invincible were conceived with different names and costumes - but legal fears led to changes.

predator a yautja growls with predator 1's arnie and predator 3' adrian brody behind it 1
2023 Changed Predator Lore Forever, Transforming the Original Trilogy's Meaning

2023 revealed why the Predators were really on Earth in the original movies, and made their treatment of humans far more psychologically disturbing.

good omens crowley with comic adaptation cover behind him 1
Good Omens Set a New World Record in a 2023 Marked by Kickstarter Success Stories

2023 saw Pratchett and Gaiman's Good Omens scoop a new record, as the Kickstarter for a new adaptation performed better than anyone had imagined.

lion king's hyenas looking shocked 1
Disney Chose Its 100th Anniversary to Officially Confirm a Dark Lion King Fan Theory Is 100% True

2023 was Disney's 100th anniversary, and while it wasn't a great year for new movies, Lion King fans did get a wild fan theory confirmed.

star wars evil luke skywalker looking like a sith 1
A Twisted Luke Skywalker - How Star Wars' Hero Looked In Palpatine's Propaganda

Luke Skywalker becomes a terrifying presence as Star Wars reveals how Palpatine's propaganda transformed how the galaxy imagined Jedi.

star wars mandalorian beskar steel armor beskar armor 3-1 1
Mandalorian Armor Has a Secret Achilles Heel, Star Wars Confirms

Beskar armor may be incredibly resistant to harm - even fending off lightsaber blows - but Star Wars confirms it still has one major vulnerability.

monsterverse king kong roars over an orange ape skull 1
"It Makes Him Invincible": Kong's MonsterVerse Origin Reveals Why He's So Powerful

Kong's origin within the MonsterVerse exposes why he's such a powerful Titan, as well as his shocking connection to Skull Island's Titan War.

wolverine vs weapon viii claws 1
Wolverine vs Weapon VIII Proves Logan's Successor Had Objectively Better Claws

As Wolverine takes on Weapon VIII, the Weapon X program's biggest success lashes out with deadly claws, flamethrowers, and more.

star trek's captain kirk with the franchise's ultimate weapon aka the heart of god 1
"The Most Powerful Weapons System Ever Devised": The Enterprise's Very First Discovery Turned Out to Be Star Trek's Ultimate Weapon

Star Trek canon brought the Enterprise's five-year mission to an end with the perfect discovery - a weapon known as the Heart of God.

spider-man new green goblin 1
Spider-Man Lore Changes Forever as Marvel Spills the Secrets of the FIRST Goblin (Before Norman Osborn)

After 26 years, Spider-Man's Proto-Goblin finally returns, spilling the secrets behind Norman Osborn's fateful origin as the Green Goblin.

roger ebert captioned far side style comics in the new yorker 1
Move Over THE FAR SIDE - Roger Ebert's Comics Rival Gary Larson's Best

Known for his brutal movie reviews and uplifting journalism, Roger Ebert also co-created some hilarious comics that rival Gary Larson's The Far Side.

gary larson's the far side cow on background of newspaper 2 1
New Far Side Comic Finally Breaks One of the Franchise's Oldest Rules

The Far Side's Gary Larson just released a new Christmas comic strip - however, its subject matter would have been banned when the franchise started.

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