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Superman and Mysterious New Hero DC 1
DC Waited Until December to Debut the Best New Costume of the Year

Right before the year ended, DC Comics gave fans a look at one of its coolest designs for a superhero, but will fans ever see it again?

Robin stands in the forefront of DC's flagship heroes, taking the lead. 1
"When People are Happy, They Spend Less": DC Writer Explains Dark Truth Behind Selling Superheroes

Joshua Williamson, writer for DC Comics and Skybound Entertainment, offered some insight into how the business of comics shapes his creative approach.

Chained Doctor Hate Crytoon DC Featured 1
The Chained, Doctor Hate, Sovereign: These Terrifying New Villains REALLY Challenged DC's Heroes in 2023

From cartoon-obsessed psychopaths to powerful chaos magic users, see which 10 DC Comics’ villains proved to be 2023’s most challenging new foes.

Trinity Shepherd and the Boom DC Featured 1
Beast Girl, The Boom, Trinity: DC's Best New Heroes Will Change The Past, Present, & Future in 2024

From forgotten sidekicks to future warriors, DC history got some major updates with the debut of 10 new heroes that promise shape 2024 for the better.

Featured Image: Nia Nal (DC's Dreamer) on the cover of Superman Son of Kal-El #13 1
Supergirl's Dreamer Just Became Essential to DC's 2024 Lore

One of DC's more recent characters, Dreamer, has been underutilized since she was brought into DC continuity; the new year seems set to change that.

Beast World Transformations 1
10 Coolest Transformations in DC's Beast World Event (So Far)

As DC's Beast World event kicks into full gear, tons of heroes and villains have been transformed, and some of them are cooler than others.

DC's Black Superheroes Pose in the Shadows 1
"Is It a Team? A Network? A Beginning.": DC's Powerful New All-Black Super-Team Teases Milestone's Return to the DCU

DC Comics' new all-Black super-team, which debuted during Beast World, may signal the return of Milestone heroes like Static to DC's main continuity.

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness with dc's multiversal map 1
DC’s First Openly Gay Hero Returns as the DCU’s Version of Doctor Strange

DC Comics has more than a few queer heroes, but the DCU's first openly gay hero has made a long overdue comeback — with a somewhat familiar look.

batman gargoyle of gotham killer moth redesign 1
Gotham's New Villain Is a Terrifying Reimagining of an Underrated Killer

An unsettling new villain comes to Gotham that vastly improves a motif popularized by one Batman rogue. Witness the debut of the creepy foe, Moth-er!

DC Logo Laid Over Superman Family Flying Upwards 1
What Does DC Comics Stand For?

DC Comics is one of the biggest American comic book publishers in the industry. However, many readers don't know what the letters in the name mean.

Joker Batman Villains DC 1
"The Dynamic Trio": A Surprising Gotham Villain is Being Set Up To Join the Bat-Family

After a trying experience, an expected villain has discovered the joys of working with the Bat-Family, setting up a potential redemption story.

Superman holding gifts featured on Dc's 'Twas the Mite Before Christmas #1 Variant Cover 1
Twas the Mite Before Christmas #1 Shows Why DC's Holiday Comics Are Appointment Reading (Review)

Mischief, mayhem, and mites unite in a can't-miss DC Christmas special featuring fan favorites like Superman, Harley Quinn, and John Constantine.

The original incarnation of the Ultimate Universe's Avengers analogue, the Ultimates 1
Ultimates' Bryan Hitch - A Major Inspiration for the MCU - Is Done Working with Marvel & DC

Influential comic artist Bryan Hitch, currently working on Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor, will be focusing on creator-owned work.

DC Comics Round Robin Pitch Ideas 1
10 DC Comics Round Robin Pitches That Deserve Another Chance

DC Comics’ Round Robin tournament teased a lot of interesting ideas for full-length miniseries, but these 10 pitches deserve a second chance.

Batman surrounding by vampires in DC Comics 1
Gotham's New Vampire Hunter Has the Perfect Weapon for the DCU's Next Vamp Threat

Gotham ushers in a new guardian, a vampire hunter with a shocking identity and a weapon that promises to redefine the DCU's supernatural battles.

Batman and Santa Claus face off against vampires on Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #2 cover 1
DC's Badass Santa Claus Design Redefines the "Red Hood" Codename

DC's badass Santa Claus redesign gives the "Red Hood" codename a whole new meaning, bringing holiday-themed justice to the streets of Gotham.

Doctor Who Tardis against a Tardis interior 1
DC Artist Admits Where Fans Can Find Hidden Doctor Who Reference

DC artist Bruno Redondo pulls back the curtain and reveals the stealthy Doctor Who homage hidden within the panels of the fan-loved Injustice series.

Vandal Savage and Gordon DC 1
DC Officially Unveils Commissioner Gordon's Replacement in Huge Change to Gotham

The DC Universe is about to get a lot darker now that Vandal Savage is stuck in Gotham and gaining allies that want to make him the new Commissioner.

Michael Keaton as Batman 1
DC Officially Admits Michael Keaton's Batsuit Has an Unforgivable Flaw

As Batman takes on an army of twisted variants, he points out the greatest disadvantage found in Michael Keaton’s Batsuit from the 1989 film.

Alfred Pennyworth vs Superman in DC Comics (Injustice) 1
Alfred Pennyworth Once Fought Superman - and WON

When Superman breaks Batman's back in the Injustice series, Alfred defends his Master Bruce - and gives Superman a beating he'll never forget.

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