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Author Details

Justin's been collecting comics since the early '00s and has several thousand floppies to his name, as well as dozens of trades and graphic novels.. He's also an avid collector of rare and hard-to-find zines, as well as other obscure media. Justin is currently living in North Carolina with his partner.

Industry Focus

As a Senior writer for the comic book team, Justin Epps' primary focus for mini features, reviews, and lists center around the DC Universe and its characters such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Justin Epps also writes on new and developing comic book stories for publishers such Archie, Dark Horse, Image, and others.

Favorite Media

Justin Epps' favorite DC Comics run is Grant Morrison's legendary Bat-Epic. In fact, Justin's a huge fan of nearly everything Morrison has written from their epic runs on Doom Patrol and Animal Man to their modern Superman classic, All-Star Superman, as well as Morrison's original work like The Invisibles and The Filth.

Latest Articles

Superman and Mysterious New Hero DC 1
DC Waited Until December to Debut the Best New Costume of the Year

Right before the year ended, DC Comics gave fans a look at one of its coolest designs for a superhero, but will fans ever see it again?

Chained Doctor Hate Crytoon DC Featured 1
The Chained, Doctor Hate, Sovereign: These Terrifying New Villains REALLY Challenged DC's Heroes in 2023

From cartoon-obsessed psychopaths to powerful chaos magic users, see which 10 DC Comics’ villains proved to be 2023’s most challenging new foes.

Titans Betray Featured Image DC 1
“The Greatest Threat”: One DC Titan Will Betray The Flagship Team - But Who?

As the post-“Beast World” future of the DC Universe starts to take shape, the Titans have a new problem in the form of an unexpected traitor.

Trinity Shepherd and the Boom DC Featured 1
Beast Girl, The Boom, Trinity: DC's Best New Heroes Will Change The Past, Present, & Future in 2024

From forgotten sidekicks to future warriors, DC history got some major updates with the debut of 10 new heroes that promise shape 2024 for the better.

Damian Wayne Robin and Superman DC 1
Robin's New Power Officially Makes Him Immune to a Classic Superman Weakness

Superman once fell to the terrifying power of the Black Mercy, but Robin possesses a secret ability that helps him overcome the psychic plant.

Featured Image: Nightwing (left) and Batman (right) 1
Batman Exposes How He Truly Sees Nightwing with 1 Sentence

As the events of “Beast World” change Batman into something truly terrifying, the Dark Knight admits how he really feels about his partner Nightwing.

Superman and Batman Villains DC Comics 1
Batman Admits One of His Villains is a Superman-Level Threat

After a team-up between two unexpected villains, Batman reveals which member of his rogues’ gallery would be a worthy opponent of Superman.

Superman Revealing S Symbol DC 1
Superman Declares a Stunning New Meaning for His Symbol

Superman has his fill of Kingdom Come’s twisted world and declares his variant has corrupted his symbol and given it an awful new meaning.

Superman flying away from the Justice League.  1
Justice League's Best Forgotten Heroes are Back to Save the DCU... From Superman?!

Superman winds up lost in time and in the Wild West. Now he’s about to face off with the previous incarnations of two shocking Justice League heroes.

John Stewart with Green Lantern Power Ring DC 1
Green Lantern's New Ring Unveils Disturbing Extra Power That Should Belong to a Villain

Green Lantern finally cures himself of his corruption with a new Power Ring that has a bonus power to help him defeat his dangerous new enemies.

Supergirl and Kong MonsterVerse DC 1
Supergirl vs King Kong Flips the Kaiju Ape's Original Movie Ending

As the MonsterVerse continues to invade the DC Universe, Supergirl steps in to save a fellow hero by picking a fight with the legendary Kong.

A side by side comparison of Adam West's Batman and the comic version of Batman 1
Adam West's Batman Is Finally Defeated, By The 1 Dark Knight With Even Better Gadgets

The Adam West version of Batman may be the most prepared Caped Crusader, but he meets his match when facing one Batman with an outrageous gadget.

Invincible List Thragg and Robot 1
10 Invincible Villains Fans Wish Could Have Died Twice

There are plenty of antagonists in Invincible, but only 10 are so particularly vile that fans wish the worst possible fates would come to them.

Justice League Fights Godzilla DC 1
Justice League Confirms 2 Underrated Heroes Are Strong Enough to Beat Godzilla

Godzilla might have won his first bout with Superman, but two Justice League members team up to successfully get revenge for the Man of Tomorrow.

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Shaner Cover Featured 1
DC's Most Underrated Green Lantern Shines in a Tribute to His '90s Debut

Beloved Green Lantern Kyle Rayner finally gets his chance to shine on an amazing new variant cover that pays tribute to the hero’s beginnings.

Comics Charlie Brown next to movie Charlie Brown 1
Charlie Brown Art Fixes How Every Movie Misunderstands His Design

Charlie Brown’s luck is turning around, as one amazing piece of fan art finally gives him a haircut that explains how the character should look.

Robin and His Cat Form Beast World DC 1
Robin's Animal Transformation Proves He SHOULDN'T Be the Next Dark Knight

The events of “Beast World” finally come for Robin as he gains a new animal form that reveals a surprising inner truth about Damian Wayne.

Superman Lost Cover DC 1
Superman’s Darkest Fate Stopped Climate Change (at a Huge Cost)

An elderly Superman reveals the darkest fate imaginable for Clark with a story that reveals the surprising cost of stopping climate change in the DCU.

Close up of Barry Allen in costume as the Flash from the comics 1
Barry Allen Just Proved He's the Best Flash by Inventing a Better Version of the Bat-Signal

Wally West may be the fastest Flash, but Barry Allen’s latest feat proves there’s more to being the Scarlet Speedster than superhuman swiftness.

Harley Quinn 37 Fiumara Variant Cover Featured 1
Creepy Harley Quinn Cover Art Turns the Goofy Hero Into a Nightmarish Demon

Harley Quinn has had some brave looks before, but a new variant cover gives her a frightening appearance that’s unsettling, but damn hardcore.

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