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About Anna Williams

Anna Williams -- not to be confused with the Tekken character -- is an Editor and Writer for Screen Rant. When she's not fighting evil by moonlight, they can often be found reading mountains of manga by daylight. Ever since being introduced to anime with classic series like Sailor Moon and Pokémon, Anna has been heavily involved in the community, attending conventions, and turning her hobby into a career.

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While many popular anime and manga series that fall within the romance genre tell high school love stories, there are plenty of series for adult fans.

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2023 was an absolutely incredible year for anime, with new series and established franchises alike making an important mark on the industry.

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While many romance anime use Christmas-themed episodes as adorable filler content, Toradora subverted this expectation in a big way.

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My Hero Academia's Final War arc has been an exhilarating climax for the blockbuster series and has successfully redeemed the manga's reputation.

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During their Anime NYC 2023 panel, Crunchyroll announced an interesting list of anime titles for 2024, including the popular manhwa, True Beauty.

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15 Best Isekai Anime You Should Watch Right Now

Even with the oversaturation of the genre, there are still plenty of excellent isekai anime shows worth streaming in the summer of 2023.

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New Crunchyroll Anime Uses Impressive Animation to Tell an Important Story

The upcoming anime adaptation of A Sign Of Affection by Ajia-do unveiled a gorgeous trailer that displayed how much love is going into the series.

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New Anime Stirs Controversy With Botched Sub Translations

The anime community is outraged by the lack of quality in one of Crunchyroll's newest Fall 2023 releases, outlining subtitling and translation errors.

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10 Most Anticipated Manga Releases For The Last Half of 2023

The last half of 2023 offers plenty of promising new manga series that the community can't seem to stop talking about ahead of their releases.

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Upcoming Anime is the Tragic Fantasy Series D&D Fans Didn't Know They Needed

As the Fall 2023 anime season approaches, one new series stands out as a top choice for fans, particularly those who enjoy Dungeons & Dragons.

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Sometimes an anime will introduce its premise only to throw an unexpected curve ball by the finale that completely changes what the series is.

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Whether award winners or rebooted classics, 2023 is filled with great science fiction anime options for fans to binge this summer.

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From slice-of-life to paranormal horror, there are anime series from every genre that wind up with confusing endings - intentional or otherwise.

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New Crunchyroll Anime is the Mature Series Female Fans Need to Watch

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today is a surprisingly poignant slice-of-life series following a young office worker and her daily life.