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How Tall The Punisher Is In Marvel Lore (& How He Compares to Other Heroes)

Punisher is a ruthless anti-hero whose physical prowess is one of his defining traits, but how tall is he when compared to Marvel's other superheroes?

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10 Punisher Quotes That Proved Marvel's Hero is Completely Unhinged

Punisher is one of the most unhinged characters in Marvel Comics - obvious by his actions, but also by his words. Here's his 10 most unhinged quotes!

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Hulkbuster Cosplay Gives Punisher His Own Gigantic Iron Man Suit

The Hulkbuster armor was made specifically to take out the behemoth that is the Incredible Hulk, with a new cosplay giving Punisher his very own set!

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10 Unforgettable Moments From Garth Ennis' Original Punisher Run

Garth Ennis wrote The Punisher from Vol 5 into Vol 7, with the first 12 issues of Vol 5 being perhaps the most memorable. Here's the 10 best moments!

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Marvel’s New Punisher Is Officially Deadlier Than Frank Castle

Marvel's new Punisher Joe Garrison might just be deadlier than Frank Castle, thanks to his training as a "gravedigger" agent for SHIELD...

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Marvel's New Punisher Gives a Totally Different Meaning to Controversial Skull Logo

Marvel has a brand new Punisher, but the former SHIELD agent has nothing to do with Frank Castle or his infamous skull logo...

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Marvel's New Punisher Officially Debuts, as Joe Garrison Showcases Hi-Tech Weapons

Marvel's new Punisher debuts this week, and the anti-hero is picking up where Frank Castle left off with an arsenal of hi-tech weaponry.

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Batman/Punisher Cosplay Is the Best Combo Hero Never Seen in Comics

Batman and Punisher have more in common than either character would care to admit, with a new hybrid cosplay merging the two into a brand new hero!

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Every Version of the Punisher in Marvel Lore (Ranked Weakest to Strongest)

Joe Garrison may be replacing Frank Castle, but he isn't the first new Punisher. Here's every Punisher, ranked from mostly harmless to most lethal.

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New Punisher's Tragic Origin Story Officially Revealed by Marvel

A new Punisher is coming to the Marvel Universe, and new writer David Pepose has revealed the character's tragic backstory.

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Punisher's Darkest Redesign Needs to Be Brought Back as Its Own Character

The version of the Punisher reimagined for the Timeslip universe is the darkest incarnation of the character—and he deserves to be brought back.

Meet The NEW PUNISHER: Marvel Reveals Identity of Frank Castle's Replacement

Marvel has announced the identity of its new Punisher, confirming that following Frank Castle's retirement, the mantle will pass to a surprise hero.

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12 Marvel Characters We Think Could Be the Mysterious "New Punisher"

Marvel is introducing a 'new Punisher' now that Frank Castle has retired - here are the 12 heroes we think could take up the mantle.

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"Who Is the Punisher?": New Punisher Is Replacing Frank Castle, Marvel Confirms

A new Punisher is coming to Marvel Comics, replacing Frank Castle. Here's who fans think will take the mantle, and when we'll know for sure.

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'Longest-Running Mass Killer In History': One Marvel Hero Set a Dark Record

The Punisher has waged a war on crime for many years, so much so that he impressed another brutal Marvel hero.

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The Punisher Has a New Role in the Marvel Universe

The Punisher has long been a source of controversy, but now he has a new role in the Marvel Universe.

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The Punisher's Wife Accomplished What The Avengers Failed To Do

Despite the Avenger's best efforts over time to halt the Punisher, it takes only a short speech from his wife to put an end to the 'King of Killers.'

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Punisher Just Set the Stage to Resurrect Frank Castle as a Supervillain

The Punisher's current series has really put Frank Castle through the wringer, but the finale shows he might finally be making the switch to villainy.

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Punisher's Quest for Revenge Has Officially Betrayed His Original Mission

Since ascending to the head of the Hand, the Punisher has lost sight of his original mission - and innocent people are suffering.

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Punisher's New Cyborg Form Is the Redesign No-One Saw Coming

Following a recent death in the pages of Savage Avengers, Nueva York's Punisher is back - but this time reborn as a cyborg killer.

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