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Selecting the right pillow is quite important to help you achieve a restful sleep. In fact, a good pillow supports the neck and head without applying a lot of pressure. This is because it conforms to the exact shape of the bed. In this way, the pillow spreads the weight uniformly and evenly along the vertebrae.

Mostwhite pillow pillows are a source of frustration for many people. Other than aggravating the neck, some can also affect the shoulder. According to pillow gurus, your shoulder should not be positioned at 90 degrees to a mattress. This is because it can cause spasms in trapezius muscles. These muscles carry out a variety of actions such as raising the skull. You should not buy a pillow, which does not meet the following criteria:

Natural spine alignment

The neck curves forward to sustain the weight of your head upright. It is quite important to maintain the curve in a resting position. It is necessary to have a pillow that maintains a height of at least 5 inches and supports both the neck and head.


What makes a great pillow is a personal preference. If it is comfortable, it is going to help you relax, feel well-rested, and sleep well at night. Moreover, the surface of the pillow can be a great source of comfort. Others prefer something soft and fresh like cotton.


For a pillow to conform to different sleeping positions, it is necessary to have it adjusted to fit your unique curves and shape. In fact, a pillow ought to mold to your shape and help alleviate the pressure points.

Pillows for all sleeping positions

Your dream position will dictate twhite bedhe type of pillow you want. The best pillow is one that supports your natural curvature of the spine and offers adequate support to the neck, head, and shoulders. When sleeping on your back, the height should be lower than sideways. Over time, pillows that are filled with cotton start to lose their firmness and fail to support your neck as required. You should also note that your pillow can hurt a little bit when you start using it. However, over time, you adjust to the contours.

Nowadays, there are several types and brands of pillows on the market. Ensure you choose one that fits your sleeping position. Other things to consider include material and cost of the pillow.