Why Postnatal Massage is Prescribed For Young Mothers

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Postnatal massage is usually recommended for young mothers in the periods immediately after successful delivery. What are the major benefits of this type of Post Natal Massage? Is postnatal massage necessary? Here are the top 5 reasons postnatal massage is important for young mothers.

1. Efficient Supply of Nutrients to Important Organsbaby feet

Postnatal massage can help improve the supply of nutrients to young mothers by relaxing body tissues and muscles. Young mothers who have lost a lot of nutrient supply just after delivery need an immediate replacement that can only be supplied if the tissues and muscles are well relaxed. The massage therapy is recommended to mothers who are showing signs of exhaustion due to lack of enough body nutrients after successful delivery of a newborn.

2. Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion

Pregnancy limits the movement of certain muscles in the body. These muscles become stiff even after delivery and can be a great hindrance to effective movement by young mothers. It is recommended that postnatal massage should be used in the periods after delivery to loosen up stiff muscles and improve flexibility and range of motion.

3. Enhanced Healing Process for Postnatal Injuries

Giving birth can result in several injuries on the reproductive organs that should be allowed to heal faster. Postnatal massage therapy is usually aimed at relaxing the muscles in areas adjacent to injury spots to increase the supply of oxygen and other nutrients needed for improved healing process. Young moms are encouraged to enroll for postnatal massage therapies to help them recover fully from postpartum injuries.

woman's face4. Relaxation of the Mind

Some postnatal massage therapy methods are aimed at helping relax the mind after successful delivery of a baby. When this is done on the head muscles, the mind gets relaxed and in the process gets rid of anxiety and depression that eat up brain cells. The young mom’s brain, therefore, develops strong and healthy cells that are important for intelligence purposes. The process also helps improve the transmission of neurons to the young mom’s brain area. The neurons are important for sending sense messages to the brain and the nervous system.

5. Relaxation of the Diaphragm and Improved Breathing

Postnatal massage can help relax the diaphragm after the successful birth process and therefore help the young mother regain normal breathing within a short period. This is important in helping curb some common respiratory health conditions such as asthma and sinus problem.