Simple Home Remedies For Cold And Cough

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It is essential to be knowledgeable of various home remedies to treat cold and cough problems so that you can easily relieve the pain you are experiencing. Also, you can even save a lot of money because you do not need to go to your doctor for consultation. Over the counter medications may cost a lot, so it is an excellent idea to utilize home remedies to get some savings.

You should be aware that natural remedies for cold and cough can be created at home. You can make use of various natural ingredients that are usually present in your home kitchen. It is just a way of finding the most efficient home remedy so that you can treat it.

Home remedies for cold and cough that you can apply

Garlic solutiononion

Garlic is just one of the most effective treatments for any diseases and conditions such as cold and cough. Place three cloves of garlic in a glass of water and allow the garlic to soak and dissolve overnight. Drink the solution the following morning for positive results.Note: Most people do make mistakes by eating Garlic directly. Too much garlic not good because it may cause bad breath.


Ginger is another effective home remedy. It is a favorite cure for colds and cough, which usually triggers the ailment. This natural remedy can be consumed in the form of tea or a hot drink. It can be mixed with sugar or honey to improve the taste. What we should note is that, Ginger is effective when used while hot.

Gargling of hot water with salt

This home remedy is the most used and efficient treatment. Gargling of hot water with salt should be done at least 3-4 times a day to overcome the problem in the quickest possible date.This works well because salt kills all cold and cough causing bacteria.

Avoid cold drinks

If you feel cold and cough, avoid drinking too ice watermuch cold drink. Cold beverages will just worsen your cold and cough
condition. Also, avoid drinking sweet drinks like colas and juices because they will not do good for your body. In fact, it will lead to the growth of bacteria that will worsen your condition.

With all these home remedies for cold and cough, you can surely treat the problem and prevent it from occurring every time. It is very annoying and discomforting to have this ailment because it is painful. Also, you will have a difficult time talking and eating, so this will just affect your everyday tasks and activities.