• Melissa Rauch reunites with a former Big Bang Theory co-star in Night Court, expressing excitement about working together again.
  • The co-star is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who appeared as a guest star in the final season of Big Bang Theory.
  • Rauch is open to the possibility of bringing more Big Bang Theory cast members to Night Court in the future, but timing and fitting the narrative are important considerations.

Melissa Rauch opens up about reuniting with a The Big Bang Theory co-star in Night Court. Five years after the end of The Big Bang Theory, Rauch has fully moved on from playing Bernadette. She remains in the network sitcom sandbox in the NBC revival of Night Court as Abby Stone — daughter of the original series lead, Harry Stone.

Night Court season 2 has officially returned, with episode 2, "The Roz Affair," also staging a The Big Bang Theory reunion between Rauch and guest star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The legendary NBA player joined the nerd-centric sitcom as a guest star in its final season. Despite his brief appearance, Raiuch is thrilled to have him in Night Court, as she tells CinemaBlend. Read her full quote below:

There's someone who's coming up who I happened to work with on Big Bang, and then we ended up reconnecting when I was doing press for Night Court. We spoke about the fact that he was actually a fan of the show back when it was on originally, and had said that he wanted to be on the show, and [I] said 'Please, please come to the show and please visit.'… This is the backstory of it. I was very excited to meet with him when he guest-starred on Big Bang and then getting to reconnect with him just about a year ago. It was one of those moments like, 'I hope this can happen eventually.' And so the fact that we got to be graced with his presence was very cool.

It's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, which is really really cool, and that was the history behind it. He's so funny in it and so great and one of my favorite moments was... at our speed read we have couches set up, where actually I'm sitting now, and he came and sat down next to me and my legs don't properly reach the floor and they're sort of dangling off and then Kareem sits down next to me and looks down. He goes, 'That's interesting.' [laughs] He so great in the episode.

Will Night Court Feature More Big Bang Theory Guest Stars?

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Seeing Jabbar with Rauch is great, but there's interest in seeing some of the Pasadena gang members in Night Court season 2 and beyond. Since the nerd-centric sitcom wrapped up in 2019, all the cast members have done projects after their long stint on the Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady-created comedy. There haven't been a lot of opportunities to crossover, but there have been a few, including Mayim Bialik and Simon Helberg's separate guest appearance in Young Sheldon.

Given this, the door isn't fully shut on the possibility that Rauch can bring some of her old The Big Bang Theory friends to Night Court. It's worth noting that aside from starring in the revival, she's also producing it, giving her enough creative control to make these cameos happen. At this point, it's all about timing and scheduling, since everyone is also busy doing their ventures. It's also important that their appearances aren't shoehorned and fit the narrative.

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For now, however, it seems like Rauch and her team aren't planning any other The Big Bang Theory cameos. Instead, Night Court's focus is on crafting Abby's story as she finds her identity in the world that her father once inhabited. When that's all set, then the NBC revival can make bolder choices and make those guest appearance hopes a reality.

Source: CinemaBlend