My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, some humans have superpowers called quirks. Izuku Midoriya, nicknamed Deku, is not one of them. Deku has always idolized heroes like the number one hero, All Might, and since he was a child, he has always wanted to be a hero. However, his lack of a quirk has always held him back, but a chance encounter with All Might after discovering a classmate in danger sets Deku on the path to becoming a true hero. My Hero Academia centers around Deku and a class of heroes-in-training at UA. This school shapes young quirk users into future heroes through fake rescue missions, combat training, and other hero-tempering tasks. With young Deku inheriting the "One-For-All" quirk, he will learn what it means to be a true hero while facing off with dastardly supervillains.


Himiko-Toga-111 1
Toga's Death Proves My Hero Academia's Hero World Is Broken

While Himiko Toga’s sacrifice for Ochacho Uraraka will go down as one of MHA’s most memorable moments, it still proves how broken their world is.

Deku and Shigaraki in My Hero Academia 1
Genius My Hero Academia Twist Changes the Final Battle Completely

My Hero Academia just teased that Deku's final battle may be completely different than fans anticipated with one simple yet unexpected twist.

awakened quirk users MHA 1
Every My Hero Academia Awakened Quirk User

A few My Hero Academia characters have awakened their quirks after facing life-or-death situations, putting them among the strongest in the story.

My Hero Academia's Class 1-A and All Might 1
My Hero Academia Live-Action’s Biggest Challenge Shows Why It Should Be A TV Show (Not A Movie)

My Hero Academia's upcoming live-action adaptation faces a major issue, which proves why it should certainly be a television show and not a movie.

A collage featuring a young All Might and Deku from My Hero Academia 1
10 My Hero Academia Scenes We Can't Wait To See In Netflix's Live-Action Adaptation

My Hero Academia contains many heartfelt moments and thrilling action sequences for viewers to look forward to in Netflix’s live-action adaptation.

Himiko Toga from Episode 109 of My Hero Academia 1
My Hero Academia's Ending Isn't Just Great, It's Redeeming the Series

My Hero Academia's Final War arc has been an exhilarating climax for the blockbuster series and has successfully redeemed the manga's reputation.

My Hero Academia 1
10 My Hero Academia Moments That Won't Look As Good In Live-Action

My Hero Academia will have some tricky scenes for Netflix to adapt into live action, relying on beautiful animation or a certain art style to work.

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Live-Action My Hero Academia’s Update Confirms A New Era Of Anime Adaptations

Netflix’s positive update about a live-action My Hero Academia project confirms the streamer is welcoming in a new era of anime adaptations.

My Hero Academia's League of Villains being teleported 1
My Hero Academia's Final Battle Gets Release Date With Explosive First Trailer

My Hero Academia reveals the release date for Season 7, alongside an enthralling trailer that hints this season could be the last.

My Hero Academia Band 1
All My Hero Academia Anime Openings, Ranked

The My Hero Academia anime has several memorable and catchy opening songs and animations, but how do they stack up against each other?

Hawks in the center with Shigaraki and All for One from My Hero Academia manga behind 1
My Hero Academia Reveals One Hero Predicted All For One's Defeat

The My Hero Academia manga hints that an unexpected hero may have predicted All For One's defeat and the very weakness that would cause it.

My Hero Academia: Blackbelt on one side, One-Punch Man's Saitama on the other. 1
My Hero Academia Has Its Own Version of One-Punch Man

My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions introduces a hero who's under-recognized and can defeat any enemy in a single attack, just like Saitama.

My Hero Academia: Bakugo's action pose in front of All for One. 1
My Hero Academia Calls Back To Its Most Iconic Battle in All for One's Defeat

The end of My Hero Academia's big fight against All for One hearkens back to the series' greatest moments, reminding fans this was a team effort.

Ochaco and Deku next to each other in My Hero Academia. 1
“It’s A Big One”: Netflix’s Next Live-Action Anime Show Gets Positive Update From Writer

Writer Joby Harold offers a positive update on Netflix's live-action My Hero Academia show, following the massive success of the streamer's One Piece.

Bakugo from MY Hero Academia in his hero suit against the Volume 2 cover featuring Deku, aka Midoriya and Todoroki 1
'One Quirk is Enough': My Hero Academia Reveals The Strongest Hero May Not Be Deku

Bakugo's latest victory in My Hero Academia proves he never needed to compete with Deku as he finally discovers his true strength in his only quirk.

Deku from My Hero Academia's Cover of Volume 35 with Deku using Gearshift in the manga in the background 1
Gearshift: Deku's Most Powerful Quirk In My Hero Academia Explained

My Hero Academia has finally revealed all of Deku's Quirks, including the Quirk of the second user called Gearshift. Here's how it works.

Himiko Toga might  mae Ochako Uraraka confess her feeligns for Deku in My Hero Academia 1
My Hero Academia Finally Confirms Its Most Discussed Romance Is Actually True

In My Hero Academia chapter #394, Ochako Uraraka finally says the words about Deku that fans have been waiting for since the beginning of the series.

My Hero Academia season 7 key visual 1
My Hero Academia Season 7 Finally Has A Release Date

The release date for My Hero Academia's seventh season has been finally officially announced.

My Hero Academia: Deku looking scared/surprised over manga panels. 1
My Hero Academia Reveals The Gruesome Fates Of Deku's Predecessors

My Hero Academia finally reveals how previous One for All users fell, and their deaths at All for One's hands are each uniquely horrifying.

All For One's shadowed face featuring Yoichi's struggle against All For One in the background in My Hero Academia 1
'All For One Goal': My Hero Academia Reveals The True Meaning Of Its Villain's Name

All For One has unleashed his ultimate attack in My Hero Academia, and it reveals the true meaning of his name while changing his character forever.

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