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About Taylor Blake Forsberg

Combining her love for DC and her experience as an Intelligence Analyst, Taylor began writing for Screen Rant in 2023. As an avid consumer of DC-related content, Taylor's expertise spans comics, shows, and movies alike. She actively engages across five prominent DC Discord Servers, curates a beloved Bat Family Tumblr blog, and seamlessly embodies Wonder Woman through cosplay. Taylor's creative ingenuity further shines in her skillful crafting of DC fanfiction, an area in the fanbase where she is most active and recognized.

Latest Articles

The Justice League as seen in their run under writer and illustrator Alex Ross, with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Hawkgirl, and Hawkman. 1
"Is This Really Our World?": Justice League Confirms 1 Hero Will Decide the Team's Future

One hero may hold the key to reuniting the Justice League after discovering that the team might not have disbanded of their own accord.

the flash being outraced by a mysterious blue person 2 1
Flash's Speed Can't Beat DC's New Anti-Speedster Weapon

DC unleashes a new anti-speedster weapon that even Flash's speed can't beat, making him wonder if someone hit the pause button on his powers.

DC Trinity Batman Superman Wonder Woman 1
Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman Reveal the True Reasons They'll Never Stop Being Heroes

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman share the reasons why they will never stop being heroes, offering a rare glimpse into their individual psyches.

Batman and Santa Claus together with Santa saying Merry Christmas 1
From Wayne Manor to the North Pole: Santa Reveals Batman's Unanswered Christmas Wish

The season of cheer has transformed into the season of tears as Santa reveals Batman's heartbreaking and unmet Christmas wish in DC's holiday special.

Green Arrow in Cover DC Comics pointing his archer up 1
DC Reveals the Return of Green Arrow's Most Underused and Mysterious Villain

DC unveils the return of one of Green Arrow's most murderous adversaries, a character who has long held a cryptic vendetta against the Arrow-Family.

Black Adam 11 Cover DC, Lightning sparking around him, eyes glowing 1
Black Adam Calls Out the Justice League Hero He'll Never Respect

Black Adam just unleashed the most scorching (and humorous) insult on one Justice League member, who is sure to be left with a bruised ego.

Wolverine brandishing his adamantium claws.  1
Wolverine Cosplay Recreates 1 of His Most Extreme Comic Covers in Real Life

Channeling Wolverine's ferocity, a cosplayer brings to life one of the X-Man's most badass comic covers in an epic real-world rendition.

Wonder Woman Traitor DC 1
"The Only Safe Place on Earth": Wonder Woman's Amazons Have a New Home in the DCU

Amid a world turned against them, Wonder Woman's Amazons discover a new haven—the sole place on Earth where coexistence with humans is a possibility.

Aquaman in the New 52 Justice League 1
DC's Loneliest Hero: 1 Justice League Member Admits They Regret Never Having a Sidekick

The Justice League's loneliest hero admits their regret of never having kids or a sidekick, revealing an extremely rare show of vulnerability.

Olilver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow in DC Comics 1
Green Arrow Showcases New Costume & Arrow Car Ahead of New Era

Green Arrow's new era in the DCU brings a turbocharged twist, marked by the introduction of a sleek new costume and the debut of the Arrow Car!

Batman leans forward wearing costume on Detective Comics 1027 variant cover from DC Comics 1
"World's Greatest Detective": 1 Justice League Member's Power Upgrade Puts Batman's Position in Trouble

Batman's title as the World's Greatest Detective is at risk after a hero gets a power upgrade that could alter the hierarchy of crime-solving prowess.

Spider-Man Back in Black Symbiote suit 1
Spider-Man Cosplay Recreates His Ultra-Dark BACK IN BLACK Comic Era in Real Life

Swinging onto the scene is a dedicated Spider-Man aficionado who embodies Peter Parker's Back in Black era with comic-book accuracy.

Feature image: Wonder Woman looking left, holding her Lasso of Truth 1
Themyscira: DC Reveals the Dark Origins of Wonder Woman's Home

DC reshapes fans' understanding of Wonder Woman's home, unveiling a facet that adds a layer of complexity to the Amazonian paradise, Themyscira.

Doomsday Clutching Superman Cape 1
1 Superman Villain Becomes a Doomsday-Level Threat in Chilling Official Art

An iconic villain reaches Doomsday-level threat status in a chilling variant cover for an upcoming Superman comic, teasing a grim fate for Kal-El.

natalie portman as jane foster aka the mighty thor in thor love and thunder 1
Mighty Thor Cosplay Brings Back the Comic-Accurate Helmet the MCU Botched

One fan has gifted the fandom with a comic-accurate Mighty Thor cosplay, complete with a helmet that stays true to the source material.

Kid Venom #1 Cover with Kintaro smiling 1
Kid Venom Art Gives Marvel a Superpowered Take on Blue Eye Samurai

Kintaro, also known as Kid Venom, and his symbiote Clinter receive an epic redesign in official art that Blue Eye Samurai fans will surely appreciate.

black cat night spider 1
Black Cat Cosplay Unleashes Her Best Redesign Ever: NIGHT-SPIDER

A fan showcases the pinnacle of Black Cat's evolution, presenting a stunning Night-Spider cosplay that captures the essence of anti-hero reinvention.

Featured Image: Omni-Man flying, from the Amazon Prime Invincible animated series 1
"This Earth Isn't Yours to Conquer": Omni-Man Cosplay Recreates Epic Flaxans Fight Moment

Witness the convergence of cosplay artistry and superhero action as an Omni-Man enthusiast recreates the legendary Flaxans fight scene in Invincible.

superman batman dark knights of steel castle 1
Voting Now Open: DC Writer Tom Taylor's Dark Knights of Steel Nominated For 2024 Excelsior Award

Tom Taylor's acclaimed Dark Knights of Steel comic series has been nominated for the 2024 Excelsior Award. Fans are invited to cast their votes.

Batman fighting Wildcat in a ring while Joker cheers 1
Batman Cosplay Reunites Bruce with the Superhero Who Taught Him How to Fight

Two talented cosplayers have joined forces to unite Bruce Wayne with the superhero who taught Batman how to fight in an ultra-rare cosplay.

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