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Spawn Reboot Nearing "Make Or Break" Development Stage, Says Director

The Spawn reboot is nearing the "make or break" point of its development, says director Todd McFarlane, who has outside investors waiting.

Spawn: 10 of the Most Spine Tingling Covers From the 1990s

Spawn is a series rooted in supernatural horror, and the artwork on many of the covers makes that abundantly clear. Here's the 10 most spine tingling!

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Superman's Spawn Crossover Revealed His True Codename Outside the DC Universe

Superman had an infamous "crossover" with Spawn, one that revealed his true codename outside of the DC Universe.

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This Upcoming Non-Marvel/DC Superhero Movie Is Exactly What The Genre Needs Right Now

Early signs are strong for the upcoming adaptation of one of the biggest alternative comic book characters, spelling change for the superhero genre.

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Spawn's New Costume Is a Jaw-Dropping Cyberpunk Redesign

The upcoming Spawn spin-off Rat City will be set in 2092, featuring an incredible cyberpunk inspired redesign of the classic Spawn look.

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Spawn: The Dark Ages Returns After 25 Years with Original Artist Liam Sharp Writing

Superstar artist Liam Sharp returns to the world of Spawn as writer and artist for an all-new take on the classic title Spawn: The Dark Ages.

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HBO’s Forgotten Superhero Show Is Still One Of The Best Comic Book Adaptations 26 Years Later

These days there is no shortage of superhero content, but this animated series by HBO is likely one of the best superhero adaptations of all time.

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Spawn, Dracula & Blacula Join Forces in New KILLADELPHIA Story from Image

Image Comics' mainstays Spawn & Savage Dragon will be joined by iconic vampires Dracula and Blacula in the next arc for Eisner-nominated Killadelphia.

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8 Things The Spawn Reboot Needs To Get Right After The 1997 Movie Disaster

A reboot of Todd McFarlane's Spawn is finally within sight. Unfortunately, after the disastrous 1997 movie, fans have some pretty high expectations.

New Spawn Movie Will Bring  1
New Spawn Movie Will Bring "Blumhouse Edge" To The Superhero Genre, Says Jason Blum [EXCLUSIVE]

Exclusive: Jason Blum breaks down what Spawn will add to the superhero genre, promising a clearly Blumhouse superhero movie that's edgy and original.

Spawn Movie Gets Update From Blumhouse Executive With One Caveat 1
The Spawn Reboot: Confirmation, Story & Everything We Know

A Spawn reboot movie is coming from Todd McFarlane and Blumhouse with Jamie Foxx playing the titular hellish antihero - here's everything we know.

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Jamie Foxx's Spawn Reboot Release Date Unchanged Despite Multiple Delay Factors

After a string of delays, Blumhouse executive Jason Blum reaffirms plans for a 2025 release date for Jamie Foxx's long-awaited Spawn reboot.

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Spawn Reboot Writers Were THIS Close To Finishing The Script Before The Strike

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane reveals how close writers were to finishing the movie reboot script before the WGA strike halted work on the film.

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Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Reveals Demonic Hero Was Inspired by His Girlfriend

Comic industry icon Todd McFarlane takes questions from the Twitterverse and gives a surprising response to how he came up with the idea of Spawn.

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Jamie Foxx's Spawn Reboot Movie Gets Uncertain Update From Todd McFarlane Amid Actors & Writers Strikes

Exclusive: Creator Todd McFarlane offers an uncertain update on Jamie Foxx's Spawn reboot movie as the actors & writers strikes shut down Hollywood.

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"Superman Is Boring to Me": Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Explains Why He Hates Superman

In a recent interview, Todd McFarlane reveals some major gripes with DC's Superman that help explain his approach to writing Spawn.

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"I Dub Thee Spawn!" Spawn Cosplayer Gets John Leguizamo's Seal of Approval

A Spawn cosplayer ran into the Violator actor John Leguizamo at a convention, and the Violator’s unexpected reaction to the encounter is classic.

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Spawn Reboot Movie Gets Encouraging Update From Blumhouse Exec (With 1 Hiccup)

The long-in-development Spawn reboot movie gets an encouraging update from a Blumhouse executive, though one factor may hold production back still.

spawn monolith 1
Spawn's Monolith Reveal Just Transformed the Franchise Forever

The Spawn universe just introduced a game-changing revelation, unveiling the hulking Hellspawn Monolith's shocking origin story.

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Joker Is Officially Working with Comics' OTHER Most Terrifying Clown

Batman/Spawn sees Joker allied with the most terrifying clown in comics - a demon manipulating the heroes on a multiversal level.

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