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Dashiel Reaves is a writer for ScreenRant, growing up he was always around comics due to his parents' involvement with Batman The Animated Series and various other comic book properties! He absolutely adores comics and always has for as long as he could read. He wants to try and share his love and passion for them with others.

Industry Focus

Since he grew up around his parents working on Batman the Animated Series, Dashiel has always loved Batman and the DC Universe. It's where his primary center of comic book knowledge is and it's what he enjoys talking about the most. Most of his articles are going to be about the DC Trinity because of this.

Favorite Media

While Dashiel's absolute favorite comic media is Hellblazer, he's also a huge fan of Batman and Superman. The dark city of Gotham and the bright buildings of Metropolis are something that is endlessly fascinating to him. Hopefully, this fascination comes off in his writing and is able to captivate readers just as much as it's captivated him.

Latest Articles

Red Hood close up (left); Batman cradling dead Jason Todd (right) 1
2023 Challenged Red Hood More Than Ever Before - Including His Resurrection

Red Hood has been through a lot in his life, but 2023 challenged and changed the character unlike ever before, setting him up for a new solo series.

Comic book art: Bruce Wayne looking in the mirror, with a stern Batman looking back at him 1
"I've Been Fooling Myself All These Years": Bruce Wayne Admits the REAL Reason He Became Batman

1988's Batman: The Cult miniseries provided an innovative, and vulnerable, insight into Bruce Wayne's psyche, revealing why he became Batman.

Daredevil swinging through San Francisco, with his Radar Sense making up the background. 1
Daredevil Shares His Powers With One Surprising Cosmic Hero

Daredevil is one of Marvel's greatest street-level heroes, which is why it's so surprising he shares his powers with one major cosmic hero.

red hood the hill 2 1
Red Hood's New Team & Territory Prove DC Is Finally Letting Him Outgrow the Bat-Family

Red Hood has always struggled to break out from under the Bat-Family, but it seems that DC is finally giving him the solo status quo he deserves.

Venom Painted Style 1
Venom Just Got Called Out for the Grossest Part of His Costume

Symbiotes like Venom are some of the most powerful aliens in the Marvel Universe, and as Howard the Duck points out, one of the grossest.

sad nightwing with a powerful starfire behind him 1
1 Tragic Connection Makes Starfire's Bond to Nightwing Stronger Than Batgirl's

Nightwing has had a lot of iconic love interests over the years, but one dark connection gives him a special bond with Starfire.

Batman and Failsafe DC Comics 1
"You Can Walk Away and Live For Once": Batman's Most Personal Villain Is Offering Bruce a Guilt-Free Retirement

Batman has fought dozens of villains in his past who have tried to beat him, but now he's facing a real threat - the opportunity to stop fighting.

superman villain general zod being angry 1
General Zod's New Empire Exposes the 1 Enemy He Hates More Than Superman

General Zod is one of Superman's most dangerous enemies, but it's not actually the Man of Steel who drives the Kryptonian warrior.

batman with a stylized image of the penguin 1
Penguin Finally Returns to Gotham City, Reborn as Its Ultimate Villain

The Penguin is finally returning to Gotham, as Oswald Cobblepot's makeover into DC's scariest villain reaches its height - Batman better look out.

nightwing green lantern night lantern 1
Nightwing Should Have Been Green Lantern's Sidekick - & Even Batman Knows It

Nightwing is one of the most well-respected heroes in the DCU, which is made perfectly clear when Batman compares him to a Justice League icon.

batman in colour gotham villains black and white 1
Batman Names the 1 Gotham Villain He'll Probably Never Beat (& It's Not Joker)

Batman has been protecting Gotham City for years, but it seems there's one group of villains that even the Dark Knight knows he can't beat.

Batman Superman Fight DC Comics 1
1 Early Threat Explains Why Batman Originally Refused to Trust Superman

Batman and Superman have one of the greatest friendships in the DCU, but they didn't start out as friends. In fact, one early event almost ruined it.

arkhamverse joker and jack nicholson's joker from keaton's batman 1
2023 Upgraded Joker Like Never Before - Across ALL DC Media

The Joker is a character who has made an appearance in almost every single Batman property, and DC gave him a multimedia upgrade this year.

batman's motorbike batcycle 1
Batman's Batcycle Has a Hidden Contingency That Makes It Essential - No Matter How Many Batmobiles He Builds

Batman has an entire arsenal of vehicles at his disposal, but his motorcycle is even better than his iconic Batmobile for one major reason.

Featured Image: Nia Nal (DC's Dreamer) on the cover of Superman Son of Kal-El #13 1
Supergirl's Dreamer Just Became Essential to DC's 2024 Lore

One of DC's more recent characters, Dreamer, has been underutilized since she was brought into DC continuity; the new year seems set to change that.

white adam justice lords vs dcau justice league 1
White Adam's Justice Lords Need to Return as Justice League's Coolest Rivals

White Adam's Justice Lords, from Justice League Beyond 2.0, are overdue for a return, as they're one of DC's coolest alternates to the League.

Featured Image: DC's Nightwing (left) and Red Hood (right) 1
Red Hood Would Have a Totally Different Codename & Mission If He'd Been Born in Nightwing's City

A recent issue of Nightwing delved into how the character Bea became Bludhaven, with her backstory reminding Dick Grayson of Jason Todd.

Batman crouching in front of Gotham in the rain. 1
"A Strange Utopia Is Blooming": Batman's Hypnotic New Villains Prove Gotham Thrives Without Its Knight

As Batman, thanks to his new enemies, is banished from Gotham and his legacy erased from the city, Batman's home becomes a "strange utopia."

Featured Image: Superman glaring at Lex Luthor 1
Superman's Greatest Fear is Actually the Same as Lex Luthor's

Superman and Lex Luthor couldn't be farther apart in most ways – but there is something they do share: their biggest fears are exactly the same.

Batwoman Outsiders Nightmare Ball 1
"The World Is Dying. Welcome to the Funeral.": DC's Iconic Monsters to Host a "Hellfire Gala" of Their Own in 2024

Batwoman and the rest of the Outsiders have been invited to a terrifying event that could be DC's very own version of Marvel's iconic Hellfire Gala.

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