the flash being outraced by a mysterious blue person 2 1
Flash's Speed Can't Beat DC's New Anti-Speedster Weapon

DC unleashes a new anti-speedster weapon that even Flash's speed can't beat, making him wonder if someone hit the pause button on his powers.

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Barry Allen Just Proved He's the Best Flash by Inventing a Better Version of the Bat-Signal

Wally West may be the fastest Flash, but Barry Allen’s latest feat proves there’s more to being the Scarlet Speedster than superhuman swiftness.

Flash and His Wasp Form Beast World DC 1
Flash's Latest Upgrade Is So Intense, It Belongs in a Horror Movie

As “Beast World” intensifies, the Flash Family faces an old enemy with a terrifying new upgrade and has no choice but to take on disturbing new forms.

Wallace West Kid Flash DC 1
"Flash Pulse": Flash’s Sidekick Debuts a Game-Changing New Move

Flash’s sidekick Kid Flash pioneers a new life-saving technique that could help the DC Universe’s heroes put an end to "Beast World's" madness.

Flash Villain Godspeed Debuts Nightmare-Fuel New Transformation

The Flash is used to fighting terrifying villains such as telepathic gorillas and speedster serial killers, but one villain just got a major upgrade.

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Flash's Experimental New Status Quo Shines in Trippy Official Art

James Stokoe’s variant cover for the upcoming Flash #6 perfectly captures the strange cosmic journey Wally West is undergoing in his current run.

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Reverse-Flash Gets a Terrifying Redesign Worthy of the Movies

In a jaw-dropping display of artistic prowess, Reverse-Flash undergoes a spine-chilling redesign that rivals the cinematic masterpieces.

the flash being outraced by a mysterious blue person 2 1
"Many Times the Speed of Light": Marvel's Fastest Hero Makes Flash Look Like an Underachiever

Flash is famously the Fastest Man Alive, but a Marvel hero may actually deserve his crown, thanks to a mind-blowing feat of speed.

flash spirit realm 1
"You've Used Super-Speed to Access a Spirit Realm!": Flash Finally Explains What His New Power Actually Does - & It's Not Dimensional Travel

The Flash has always been one of DC Comics' most science-fiction-heavy characters, but his latest upgrade frames his powers from a whole new angle.

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DC Revealed The Real Reason Superman Will Never Outrace Flash

Superman and the Flash are two of the fastest characters in DC Comics history, but there is one solid reason Superman can never outrace Flash.

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DC Finally Admits the Truth About Flash's Speed Force - Now Fans Can Stop Fighting

The Speed Force is the source of the Flash's powers, but even he and other speedsters like Max Mercury are not sure how it works.

Flash Pattern DC 1
Flash Just Became DC's Darkest Hero, As His Full Powers Are Finally Revealed

The darkest side of the Flash’s powers comes to light when Wally West discovers that using the Speed Force is harming unseen layers of reality.

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"The Faster I Run, the More Inhuman I Become": Flash's Speed Force Has a Secret Dark Power that Transforms Speedsters

The Flash is one of the fastest characters in the DC Universe, but it seems that going too fast in the Speed Force has a dark side effect.

Comic book art: a superhero in a red suit (the Flash) runs with a serious face. 1
Flash's New Codename Reveals His True Importance to the DC Universe

The Flash has always been one of DC's central heroes, but with a new wrinkle added to his powers, Wally West is more important than even he realizes.

Flash and the Folding Man DC 1
DC Just Turned Flash's Most Underrated Villain into One of His Best Ever

Flash’s old nemesis the Folded Man returns with a surprisingly powerful upgrade that could turn him into the next Justice League-level threat.

The Flash 3 Taylor DC 1
All 6 New Layers of DC Reality Flash's Powers Just Unlocked - Everything We Know So Far

The Flash’s new powers are keying him into the strangest, unseen parts of the DC Universe. Discover the six new layers of DC’s reality.

flash more powerful than superman 1
Flash's New Reality-Altering Powers Officially Make Him More Powerful Than Superman

As Flash unlocks the ability to 'step out' of reality, he discovers that he can rewrite the laws of physics on a whim, surpassing even Superman.

Flash Running DC 1
Flash's New Weakness Isn't Just Deadly - It Proves He'll Never Be Happy

Flash’s new powers have been seriously messing him up, but they’ve also revealed the Scarlet Speedster’s most tragic and unattainable wish.

The Flash running with superspeed in 2023's The Flash 1
Flash Cosplay Demonstrates How His Maximum Speed Should Actually Look

This Flash cosplay by @cos_Bew incorporates knowledge of real-world physics into its imagery, resulting in a depiction of Flash that rivals DC's.

Flashpoint Beyond Barry DC 1
10 Biggest Flash Failures in DC Comics History

Even Flash isn’t above making terrible mistakes. Whether its Barry Allen or Wally West, see which 10 failures stand out as the worst in DC history.

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