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Greg MacArthur is a Senior Features Writer at Screen Rant in both Television and Movies. Greg majored in Film Production at Chapman University's Dodge College and has previously worked in Development at ABC Television and Lawrence Bender Productions. Greg has years of production experience at major networks including NBC, TNT, and ESPN. Greg has written several original pilots and novels.

Industry Focus

Greg covers new releases and popular streaming content across all platforms. Greg has written extensively for Screen Rant on Netflix's Black Mirror, Beef, and The Diplomat, FX's The Bear and Atlanta, Apple TV's Hijack and Ted Lasso, and HBO's Succession and Winning Time​​​​​​. Greg also covers theatrical releases such as Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One and Oppenheimer.

Favorite Media

Greg's favorite movies include Chinatown, There Will Be Blood, Call Me By Your Name, Blade Runner 2049, Before Sunrise, Her, No Country For Old Men, The Social Network, and Wings of Desire. Greg's favorite television series include Atlanta, Dexter, Nathan For You, Mad Men, Black Mirror, Succession, The Bear, and Mindhunter. Find Greg's reviews on Letterboxd and Serialized @gregmacarthur.

Latest Articles

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10 Biggest Unanswered Questions & Mysteries After Saltburn

Saltburn's wild ending leaves several questions and mysteries surrounding Ollie, the Saltburn estate, and the Catton family altogether.

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10 Most Twisted Moments In Saltburn, Ranked

Saltburn is loaded with hilariously bizarre and wildly disturbing scenes that result in some of the most twisted cinematic moments of 2023.

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Society Of The Snow Cast & Real-Life Character Comparison Guide

The critically acclaimed survival movie Society of the Snow features an outstanding cast made entirely of Argentine and Uruguayan actors.

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The Bear (2022)
Why Richie Sends Uncle Jimmy A Chocolate Banana In The Bear’s Season 2 Finale

Richie sends a heartwarming message to Uncle Jimmy in the final moments of The Bear season 2 that reaffirms how Richie feels about him.

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8 Predictions For January 2024's Box Office

January 2024 will see the wide release of 8 new movies in the United States that are set to compete with a wide variety of December 2023's best films.

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The First John Wick Movie Feels So Different Now

The original John Wick feels different ten years after its release, especially when comparing it to its three highly successful sequels.

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Mad Men (2007)
10 Theories For Why Don Draper Was Smiling At The End Of Mad Men

Don Draper's ambiguous smile at the end of Mad Men's finale could mean he's found peace and acceptance in himself, or he's had a creative epiphany.

Lady Jessica with writings on her face in Dune Part 2 1
Denis Villeneuve's Biggest Dune 2 Change Explains The Franchise's Spinoff Plans

Denis Villeneuve's passion for the Bene Gesserit heavily influenced Dune 2 and could lay a solid foundation for a successful Dune spinoff series.

Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us 1
The Last Of Us (2023)
1 Small Detail From The Last Of Us Season 1 Premiere Makes The Whole Show Possible

The series premiere of The Last Of Us dropped several key hints of how Coryceps infected the masses, which Joel avoided through his own forgetfulness.

Jeremy Allen White as Carmy and Aye Edebiri as Sydney looking at the front of the restaurant in The Bear 1
The Bear (2022)
1 Line In The Bear Confirms Carmy's Biggest Career Struggle As A Chef

Carmy's low self-esteem has been fairly constant throughout the first two seasons of The Bear, revealing a number of underlying battles within him.

Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman. 1
Do Zendaya & Zac Efron Really Sing In The Greatest Showman?

Both Zendaya & Zac Efron have sung in previous films and television series, but did the two actually sing "Rewrite the Stars" in The Greatest Showman?

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The True Story Behind Up's Villain: A Real-Life Person Who Stole From Walt Disney

Charles Muntz, the antagonist in Disney/Pixar's Up, is based on a real-life Disney villain who stole one of Walt Disney's first animated concepts.

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Halle Berry's 10 Best Movies, Ranked

Halle Berry has starred in dozens of films and television shows, becoming a pivotal character in the X-Men franchise and winning numerous awards.

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2024's Most Exciting Sci-Fi Movie Is Something We've Been Waiting 5 Years For

Bong Joon-Ho's follow-up to his critically acclaimed & Oscar-winning Parasite is highly intriguing since it's his first true venture into sci-fi.

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December 2023 Box Office Breakdown: 10 Biggest Stats, Records & Failures

The December 2023 box office saw a lot of individual success for several titles, although some specific movies have also been major flops.

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Josh Hartnett's 10 Best Movies, Ranked

Josh Hartnett has had a lengthy career in Hollywood despite taking a large hiatus from acting and returning to have a hugely successful 2023.

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the pacific (2010)
Why Rami Malek's The Pacific Character Is Nicknamed Snafu

Rami Malek's memorable character in the celebrated HBO series The Pacific is given a sarcastic nickname that actually has a significant WWII meaning.

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Peaky Blinders (2013)
Peaky Blinders' Spinoff Can Tell The Gangster Story So Many Movies & Shows Overlook

One of the two expected Peaky Blinders spinoff series will be set in Boston, Massachusetts, which has a well-documented history of mob activity.

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Christopher Nolan's Most Popular Movie On Letterboxd Isn't What You'd Expect (But It's Great)

Christopher Nolan's most popular movie on Letterboxd comes as somewhat of a surprise considering how many of his films are instant classics.

Adam Sandler singing in The Wedding Singer 1
20 Best Quotes From All Adam Sandler Movies

Adam Sandler has starred in dozens of hilarious comedies and critically acclaimed dramas that have offered both funny and inspirational one-liners.

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