Considerations When Selecting a Wheelchair

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Since we have different types of wheelchairs, we need to look at various features when making selections. Technology is being used to make the wheelchairs even better.

Different individuals might require different needs when it comes to the choice of the wheelchair. We currently have the electric wheelchairs which have been beneficial to many people with disabilities.This read looks at some of the features when you are selecting a wheelchair.

Armrest Styles

elderly being wheeled awayOne of the critical features in a wheelchair is the armrest. The armrest is meant to give the user support by giving him a place to rest the arms and make it possible for him to pull himself.

Different types of wheelchairs are made with different styles as far as the armrest is concerned. Some of the armrest styles are the desk length, full-length armrests, swing away armrests, tubular, and space saver arm. You need to determine which armrest style is ideal for you.

Footrests and Legrests

The wheelchair is not meant for the physically disabled people alone. At times it can be used by people who are injured and people who are too old to move their limbs. Another critical feature to look at in the wheelchair is the footrests and the legrests.

As the name suggests, the purpose of the two is to enable the users on the wheelchair to rest their bodies. One of the things that characterize a right wheelchair is comfortability. The footrests and the legrests are the two features that will guarantee the same.

Controls of the Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchairs have several controls that are meant to make the operation of the wheelchair easy. One benefit of the electric wheelchair is that it allows the users to drive it in any direction that they desire without much struggle.

They usually come with a controller or a joystick that is meant to give the owner of the wheelchair the much independence of driving the wheelchair that he needs. We have different types of electric wheelchairs that use different technology in their operation.

Removable Seat Cover and Seat

wheelchair with legrestThe removable seat cover and seat is one of the accessories that many wheelchair users love. This is because it provides added stability and comfort. The detachable wheelchair seats are usually made from durable and soft materials like the memory foam.

You should buy a seat cover to protect the foam and should be easily removable. It should also be proof of waterproof and extreme sunshine.