How to Lessen the Ill-Effects of Frying Foods

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Frying is one of the most convenient ways of preparing delicious foods, but it can be one of the unhealthiest too. While we can be so cautious about our health, avoiding fried foods just seem to be impossible. Think about potatoes not being turned into French fries or those chicken legs not cooked into fried chicken. Indeed, some foods are meant to be fried.

Fast cooking is also one advantage of frying. An egg can be cooked in one minute if you fry it using a thin pan. Cooking it by boiling can take you at least seven minutes. This is why most individuals who are always on the go take in more fried foods than those who have more time to prepare their food.

Honestly, we cannot get away with frying. Our children will surely have a less enjoyable time at the dining table. Limiting the use of this cooking method may also be hard to do as you do not always have the time. The best thing is to find ways on how to make frying a little healthier. Here are some options.

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Air Frying

By using an air fryer like the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid, you can reduce your cholesterol intake when eating fried foods. The device works by circulating hot air around food to make it crispy and crunchy on the exterior. It is said that 75% of fats can be reduced when food is air fried. Indeed, with an air fryer, you need not limit having fried food served in your home.

Choose the Right Oil

When buying cooking oil for frying, it helps to choose one with the highest ‘smoke point.’ An oil with a high smoke point means that it is more stable at a higher temperature. When frying with oil that is more stable at high temperatures, there will be fewer chances of the harmful chemical changes that can affect your food.

Use Fresh Oil

Cooking oil, which has been reused a couple of times, can easily break down and release free radicals that can get into the food. Using fresh oil every time may be expensive, so using oil for at least three times is suitable.

Use Safe Frying Devices


pan-friedIf you do not have an air fryer, you can use other safe pans. While there have been health issues about Teflon, there are still some non-stick pans that are safe. You can choose a thick stainless non-stick pan.

Frying your favorite fried foods by yourself can be the best thing to do to ensure that the food is fried in the healthiest possible way. It also helps if you innovate your own version of your kids’ favorite food in fast food chains so you can cook them at home.