What you can expect from wisdom teeth extraction

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As soon as an individual reaches his late teens or early 20’s, he can expect to have his wisdom teeth, which are the final set of molars that one can ever have. These molars will then complete the set of teeth that an individual has.

For some people, their wisdom teeth are quite useful because these additional teeth make it a lot easier for them to chew. However, there are also some individuals who are having a hard time with their third set of molars. They may experience so much pain because the wisdom teeth are too big that they are pushing the teeth next to them. This is just one of the scenarios wherein the wisdom teeth need to be extracted.

Wisdom teeth extraction

teethThis particular dental procedure is something that a licensed oral surgeon should perform. And so, you have to look for a dental clinic that offers wisdom teeth extraction services. If you are in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, then look for the best dentist that does wisdom teeth removal in the South Bay.

The procedure can be done at a dental clinic, or it could also be done in a hospital especially if you wish to have all your wisdom teeth removed at the same time. This way, if complications occur, treatment will be provided immediately.

The procedure

The first step when having your wisdom teeth extracted is that the oral surgeon will give you a certain type of anesthesia. This will depend on your comfort level as well as the complexity of the procedure. You may be given local, sedation, or general anesthesia.

After giving you the anesthesia, the oral surgeon will then make an incision in your gums until the tooth and bones are exposed. If there are bones that get in the way to the root of your tooth, they will be removed. The wisdom tooth can be extracted either as a whole,or it can also be divided into pieces. This depends on the condition of your molar.

Once the wisdom tooth has been removed, the area will be cleaned. The dentist will make sure that there is no debris left. As soon as these are all done, then the surgeon will start stitching the wound. A gauze will be placed over the area so as to help control the bleeding.

Recovery time

toothThe recovery time for wisdom teeth extraction usually lasts for about a week as long as there is no complication. You can still expect bleeding and pain after the surgery. But if these do not go away after a few days, then you have to go back to your dentist so he or she can check the area.